Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wildlife Photographer Attacked!

There has been a horrible tragedy in the photography community this week.  A well know wildlife photographer had an unfortunate accident whe spotted by three of the wild animals while trying to get a good shot.  The animals in question turned on this photographer in this vicious attack that was caught on film.  Warning, not for the faint of heart......

cute baby animals - Attacked by Cute
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  1. That is a terrific picture. Now explain all the animals. Too cute. I bet that was great fun.

  2. Bambi, fox and puppy?

    Tink *~*~*

  3. I hope no animals were harm during the filming. :)

  4. A really cute picture. The puppy doesn't look too sure. The kids are having a great time though aren't they, as does the photographer by the look of her laughter? A nice memory!

    I took a photo of a momma raccoon investigating my bird feeders. If you have the time to stop by, my post is right here,

  5. That is an adorable shot. Too cute.

  6. Very nice, Really it is a beautiful photography.


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