Tuesday, March 30, 2010

22 Himalayan Cats and Kittens need HELP.

Seen on and copied/pasted from My Cat Goma


A breeder with dementia could no longer care for her large group of Himalayan cats
and kittens. We're not talking three or four. We're talkingsadlymore than twenty cats and kittens. The woman's family wanted them out of the house as soon as possible.

All needed to be seen by a veterinarian and the breeder's family was unable to help with their removal, vetting, or care. The cats and kittens were picked up on Friday, March 19.
Sadly an update as of today several of the newborn kittens died before we were able to get them out of this home, and a few have died after removal.
Some of the mother cats have been bred every 4 months, so most likely were not strong enough herself to support the kittens as needed.
Persian Purrbaby Rescue and Hal's Haven are partnering with another rescue group in order to handle so many cats and kittens. All are very small and strictly volunteer organizations.

They do not have the funds to handle this situation. But they could not stand by and allow these beautiful purebred kittens and cats to be dumped in a pound, or worse.
All cats and kittens needed physicals, testing, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, spay or neuter, and grooming. Many are in need of socialization. Carriers had to be purchased and a van rented just to move the cats to safety. The costs have and will continue to add up quickly but the rescue groups needed to act quickly.

The original count was 22. There were three new born kittens, two of which died before the cats could be picked up and one cat, originally forgotten about, was added.
Upon arrival all were very dirty, most were matted and several were sick. Those old enough and healthy enough have already been spayed or neutered. All have tested negative for leukemia with the adults also negative for FIV and Heartworms. All have been vaccinated, de wormed, treated with Revolution and micro chipped.

One of the adults (Sabrina) has had over 100 kittens, had kittens in January and is 11 years old. Sabrina had blood work before surgery. While she was being spayed she also had a dental and three teeth, including a canine, were pulled. Sabrina did not handle the anesthesia well and had to be watched closely for 24 hours until she was alert.

Another adult (Ruby) we believe has been breed every four months for at least the last two years. Ruby had kittens in December 2008, July 2009, November 2009 and March 2010. This we know from their registrations and we believe she also had kittens in March 2009. One of her kittens born in November may have to have surgery to repair his rectum. We are unsure if there was an injury or birth defect and have had to wait for the swelling to go down with treatment to find out.

If you would like to see the pictures of the cats and the environment they came from you can see them HERE.

Any donation you can make, large or small, will be so much appreciated and used for the care of these kittens and cats.
Hal's Haven has generously agreed to collect donations and start the vetting through their organization.

If you can help you can send your tax deductible donation to HAL'S HAVEN, INC., 2108 Wells Landing Road, Danville, Kentucky, 40422 or donate through
PayPal which is already specified for this rescue. Or you can donate to PERSIAN PUREBRED & PURRBABY RESCUE, P.O. Box 12395, Columbus, Ohio, 43212. Thank you so very much for your concern and generosity. A huge purr is being sent your way.

Here is another way to help, if you have FB, twitter, blog or any kind of social networking device, please warite about this Himalayans to spead the word. More people know about this the better! Thank you so much!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Owl Bird Bath

How awesome to have not one, but a whole family of owls visit their birdbath for a drink

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