Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Something is Fishy

There is a store here in town called Exotic Underworlds. Its a fairly awesometastic place to visit. It’s full of fish and reptiles for sale. It has a whole little room of saltwater fish and its like visiting an aquarium, except you don’t have to pay anything unless you want to leave with a fish. And they are fancy fish. And not cheap.

Like here is a shy clowfish hiding in his nemony.


And here is a large and intimidating lion fish and its puffer fish buddy.


We did go in with the intention of leaving with a fish, but not one of the expensive saltwater ones. I wanted a betta. Just a simple little betta fish, and maybe a handfull of tetras to keep him company.

We took our son with us. He’s been to stores before, but he had never been in a store full of living things before.

Alas, his interest in all things that swim was pretty slim. In fact, he mostly seemed to like the reptiles. There were snakes in there large enough to eat him. No, there were REALLY snakes in there large enough to eat him. I didn’t take pictures though, cause I thought maybe the people who work there might get slightly annoyed at us taking pictures like it was a tourist attraction and not a place of business.

I did get a picture of this whopper though. You can’t tell it from the picture, but he was really big enough for Parker to have ridden on.

Well, after we looked at every living thing in the place, I found the betta fish I had come for stacked in tiny cups on top of each other in one hidden corner. I picked out a lovely bright colored fan tail betta.

We looked at the neon tetras there, but they wanted a bit much for them. We went to a smaller less fancy store and got me a half a dozen neon tetras to live with my pretty betta.

So, we went home with the fellas cause its not really nice to leave them floating in plastic baggies of water for too long. I already had my aquarium set up and plopped their plastic baggies of water in for them to acclimate before I put them in.

By the way I think that I have the most awesome aquarium in the whole world. Its full of gargoyles. I put a couple of plants in there after this picture was taken though.

The lady at pet shop #2 told me that my betta could not live in peace with any other fish, but I had researched it and many places said that even male bettas can live in peace with certian other species and the neon tetra was one of them. And sure enough, they are living together in fishy peacefulness.

And here he is in all is beautiful shiny glory. My fantastic new betta fish.

We named him Sawyer, after the character of the same name in LOST, since he came into our lives the same weekend that LOST ended.

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