Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sledding Hedgehogs

Dashing through the snow, come some hedgehogs on their sled.  These adorable prickly pals are having the time of their lives playing in the snow.

An adorable gift for any loves of hedgehogs.  And really, whats not to love.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wolves Create Life

When Wolves were re-introduced to Yellowstone the did what wolves do.  They killed some elk.

But then something amazing started happening  By killing a few elk, the wolves brought new life to the park.

Nature is amazingly strong and is more than willing and able to repair herself if given the chance.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Street Dog Makeover Gets Homeless Dog a Family

Imagine you go into a shelter with your family, looking for a new dog.

In one kennel there are two dogs who are very similar in personality.  You think they would be a good fit for your family.

One of them is a little dirty.  It might be white, but it looks yellow.  It is wagging its tail and is very happy and friendly, but you look at the mats in its dingy fur and think, "This is a sweet dog, but that fur is going to be so hard to take care of."

The second dog is very much like the first, they could be litter mates even.  But the second dog is clean, its fur fluffy and white instead of matted and yellow.  Sure, you still have to brush it but it looks so much easier to care for than the matted fur on the first pooch.

Which dog do you think your family would want to take home?

Those two dogs in the image above are actually the SAME dog.  His name is Toby, and he was rescued off the street.  His life was in jeopardy since he was in a high kill shelter, and nobody wanted this scraggling pup.  Just a simple grooming actually saved his life!

Think about the adoption pages of most shetler web pages.

Many of those pooches look sad, un-groomed, un-friendly.  Just think how much more appealing they would be if they were groomed and played with and happy before the photo session.  How many more animals would find great forever homes if their "mug shots" made them seem a little more appealing?

Seth Casteel of One Picture Saves a Life thinks so too.  He goes on tour, visiting shelters and taking better photos of their rescues, teaching them how to make a homeless animal more appealing to possible families.
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