Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Doggie Howliday

We humans have been busy these past few weeks as we scrambled and scurry about, getting ready for our Christmas or other holiday.

While we were busy and excited, we might have overlooked our pets excitement.  Our holiday is their Howliday.  And while we were eagerly awaiting the jolly man in the red suit to sneak into our house and leave us gifts, they were waiting for a visit from Santa Paws.

Each year my dogs get their own gift to unwrap.  They also get their own stocking.  And they are every bit as excited to unwrap their gifts as the children are.

Some years they get new frisbees.  Some years they get new squeaky balls.  This year, for the first time in a while, they got some rawhide bones to unwrap.

 Rusty was still eager to get into his own, and other than a tiny bit of assistance, he was able to tear into his own package.

Boomer needed a little more help.  He sniffed, but didn't tear into it like he once did.  He just doesn't have the energy he once did.  He might not have many more Christmases with us.

 Once it was unwrapped, he did take it in his mouth and do a victory lap.  But only a round or two.

Please pardon my nekkid booty. 
I'm an old dog and I have skin problems.
He used to prance around and around and around the whole house.  He would have to show off his boen for 10 to 15 minutes before he chewed on it.  This time he didn't even chew on it.  He just walked a lap or two then climbed back on his sofa.

Rusty didn't really chew his either, though he did keep it close.  Just to keep anyone else from getting it.  He might not feel like chewing it, but he also doesn't feel like sharing it.

Now, while they didn't play with their bones like the once would have, they did both go nuts over their stockings.  They got Beggin Strips, one of their favorite treats that they usually only get from Santa Paws.

Did your pets get gifts this Howliday Season?  Does Santa Paws stuff them a stocking?


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