Thursday, February 17, 2011

Neighbors Oppose Dog Rehab Center

Dogs Deserve Better is raising money to buy the empty property left behind by Michael Vick when he was busted for what is now a very widely known dog fighting ring. They want to open a dog rehabilitation center there, for dogs who have spent their entire lives on chains or in tiny pens, and do some good for dogs in a place that has done so much harm to them.

Across the street from the property is a church, and one of the parishioners is very vocal in the fact that he DOES NOT WANT a dog rehab center there.

He says he is concerned about the smell and noise that the dogs could bring.

Gee, where was all this "concern" when Vick was living there, torturing dogs for fun and profit?

Johnson says it is because it is a small church frequented by an African American congregation.

"What if this were a mega church? What if this were a church where the congregrgation was predominately non-African American?

Really, you're planing the "race card" on something that has nothing whatsoever to do with people? Its a freaking dog rescue center they want to build, it has nothing to do with Race!

Visit DogFiles to read the whole article and see the video of an interview with Johnson.

Or you can visit Dogs Deserve Better to hlep this non-profit group be able to buy the property, and help dogs in need!

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