Friday, October 16, 2009

Dog owners and kids - beware!!!

There are several breeds of dogs deemed to be "dangerous." The #1 on the dangerous list has always been the Bully Breeds, including Pitt Bulls and even Bull Terriers.

If you are the owner of a dog that is one of the "dangerous" breeds, and you are also the parent of a small child, or have a small child visiting you, then please take this message as fair warning.

Don't leave your dog with any small child unattended under any circumstances. If you do, the following might happen (the following picture might not be for the faint of heart):

Remember, only YOU can prevent such tragedy from happening to YOUR dog.


  1. Your blog is definitely one of my favorites and I am presenting you with the Best Blog Award over at

    Congratulations and enjoy!

  2. I posted this same thing ages ago on my old Home Zookeeper blog and it still makes me laugh today. :) Wonderful!


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